The Fall of Alice (2018) Photo by RM Detoyato


The Fall of Alice is a brand new stage adaptation, which explores the troubled mind of an adolescent Alice. This production of Lewis Carroll’s beloved book opens in Vienna end of May. 

The minimalist set, choice of music and sequence of grim, unsettling scenes set this Alice apart from other adaptations.

“It doesn’t make sense to put out another production line Alice in Wonderland,” said director  Jason Cloud, who’s also starring. As showcased in his previous production Jack Mormon, Cloud remains true to his style “We’re all born with a morbid curiosity, the mind is easily corrupted”. The team needed to think outside the box to ensure that this production would be extra special, while still capturing the essence of the original. 

Jack Mormon (2017) Photo by Benjamin P. Zika


In 2017, after an R'n'R from stage productions, the self-produced piece "Jack Mormon" explores the failed suicide attempt of a Mormon missionary left with fragments of the past to put together and a present to reassess.  “There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions about the Church to this day, and I want to put out my findings from first-hand experience.”